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My Summer of Giles round up

I've been tardy at updating this account with my work over summer. I produced three fics for [ profile] summer_of_giles. Details below if you fancy checking them out. Bookends will resume shortly.

+ The Innocent Sleep (Giles, Buffy FRT)
Buffy challenges Giles over his shitty behaviour in Season 7. Post Chosen drama in the desert. Not shipping, just Watcher and Slayer slugging out their differences, battling an outside threat together and having a good old weep on each shoulders at the end.

+ Dead Stock Clearance (Giles/Anya FRT)
Giles and Anya working late at the Magic Box are interrupted by vampires. This is shortish fic based on a flight of fancy that really those two must have had a system for dealing with unwanted visitors. A little shippy though Anya probably doesn't notice.

+ Old Tricks (Giles, Buffy, Willow, Xander FRT)
This is conjecture fic on what the core 4 would be doing in 2015. Giles is retired (yeah right), Buffy is da boss, Willow and Xander are responsible grown ups. An adventure story in present day setting, some Giles' history but really not angsting over the past. No shipping, these four are still the best of friends.

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