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I'm a bit behind on working on Bookends. So here's a drabble on the prompt of MASK

Title: Unmasked
Author: il_mio_capitano
Prompt: Mask
Length: 100 words

“Are you alright, Buffy?”

It was the Scarlet Pimpernel that spoke to her, though the voice clearly belonged to Giles.

The orchestra had stopped playing in disbelief. Two hundred and fifty horrified guests looked on as she lay sprawling on the floor amidst the wreckage of the sweetmeats table; her Madame de Pompadour costume torn at the sleeve, and skirt hooped up embarrassingly high. At least the matching golden eye mask had stayed in place. Buffy considered the body of the demon she had just decapitated in a vicious knife fight.

She frowned. “How did you know it was me?”

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Title: Bearded
Author: il_mio_capitano

Notes: Written for the unshaven/bearded/generally scruffy Giles prompt

“It’s a beard!”

“Hello Buffy. I’m glad to see that in my month’s absence you haven’t let your observational skills atrophy.”

They hugged warmly yet briefly on Giles’ doorstep. Buffy stepped into his apartment and made herself at home.

“How was Watcher Remedial School?”

Giles mildly glared.  “It was a Senior Watcher Convention and a great honour to be asked.”

“So was it all rough camping and killing animals for food?”

“Hardly. It was all speeches and spreadsheets.”

“So why the Grizzly Adams look?”

“Because I was bloody bored and it pissed off Quentin Travers enormously.”

“That’s my brave Watcher.”

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It's been a while but I did some drabbles around the prompt of Shower. I may have looked for the less obvious in places.

Under the cut... )
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Title: ER Loyalty Card Holder
Setting: Season 2. After Ted.

“Seventeen stitches?” Buffy exclaimed. “From a crossbolt? Are you insane?”

“Thank you. The doctor already lectured me about the stupidity of removing the bolt.”

“They go in cleanly, Giles. Three stitches maximum. You should have waited till you got to the ER.”

“He made that point rather forcefully too.”

“You’re always telling me not to rip stuff out and now you’ve got a nasty big scar for your collection. It must have hurt like hell pulling it out. What were you thinking?”

“That it was the only thing I had to stake the vampire with.”

“Oh,” she said quietly. “Understood.”
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I'm out of drabbling practice. Here's a couple of Buffy and Giles ones around the theme of Beach. Nothing special. Just having fun.

Drabble One

Buffy lazed gracefully on her towel, making the most of the evening sun. Salt and seaweed filled her nostrils. She loved this time of the day when the crowds had gone and the only sounds were seagulls and the rhythm of the waves raking the soft sand. 

She watched a runner approaching her as he danced and hugged the waterline. She admired his steady pace and the grace with which he moved. 

He snorted as he collapsed at her side and handed her a coke. 

“Next time get your own.”

“Oh but where would be the fun in that Giles?”

Drabble Two

As he opened his door, Buffy's displeasure was pretty evident. 

“Giles, we’re going to the beach not to a meeting with your grandmother’s attorney.”

“I’m perfectly aware of that. This is casual wear.”

“You’re wearing a jacket.”

“It’s more of a sports coat really.”

“And you’re wearing a tie.”

“It’s got little buckets and spades on it. I thought it was rather whimsical and ….” His voice petered out as Buffy folded her arms and narrowed her eyes.

“You can either change or be thrown into the sea dressed like that.”

He sulked upstairs. 

“And lose the pants,” she shouted.


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